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About Superior Packaging Solutions

Superior Packaging Solutions is based in Southern California and has been in business since 2004. We provide a wide array of custom packaging products to customers in industries including food processing, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing. We supply custom packaging products throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange County.

For over a decade, our philosophy at Superior Packaging Solutions has been dedication to customer service. We strive to take leaps beyond tradition to take care of our clients. Whatever that means, whatever it takes, we will go the extra mile to see our clients satisfied and returning. It is not uncommon for our company to make deliveries after hours or on weekends to fill our clients needs. That is why we have been called the 24/7 packaging solution because it is known that we will come through at any time if needed. In a constantly changing economy, many businesses are looking to reduce costs and cut corners to save money.

But for us, It is not always about the “bottom line”; at Superior it is all about maintaining a high level of satisfaction and great relationships with our customers for the long term. Because when we spend a little more to show our customers we mean business, customer loyalty and future referrals pays us back in spades.

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