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"I highly recommend the products and services provided by Superior Packaging Solutions. As a former purchasing manager at A&R, I have dealt with over 200 suppliers. With that said, I can assure you that the caliber shown by Superior Packaging Solutions is hard to find and definitely the one we intend to keep."

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- Yukasa Shida, MBA, A&R Tarpaulins, Inc.

(SPS) are extremely well connected to a variety of suppliers and that has been of great help developing multiple products and POS material. I don't give my recommendation to a business or person lightly but Superior Packaging is a wonderful company to work with, a true trading partner."

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- William J. Hall, President, Hart Food Products

An example of our commitment to building solid business relationships:

Here is a true story of a sales call.
We asked the purchasing agent if there were any items that they were having difficulty finding that we could help with. To our surprise the purchasing agent said orange juice for a marinade. We asked if she could give us a week to try and find the product. We were able to find the product and offered it to her company at less than what she was paying through the current supplier. Our years of experience also enabled to offer our customer a finished product at a substantial savings. Coincidently, the finished marinade came from an existing customer.
Superior Packaging Solutions enjoys promoting our customers products and have successfully facilitated many sales for our clients.

- Sales Call Testimonial
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