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Custom Cardboard Packaging and Die-Cut Boxes

Corrugated and Die-Cut Boxes

From the most simple 1-color box, to the highest quality multi-color retail box, our customers count on us for all of their custom corrugated box needs. We pride ourselves in providing a complete resource to our clients, taking them from concept, through design and then finally on to fulfillment.

We have in-house specialists who can produce custom designs for you. You give us your concepts, and we translate them into a custom corrugated box design for you. We have engineering capabilities in house that can consult with you, looking for opportunities to lower your corrugated packaging costs or find ways to provide a more efficient corrugated solution.

At SPS, our clients needs range from simple logo boxes and basic custom cardboard packaging to complex, custom die-cut boxes designed to fit a very specific product. We strive to match each client with the most efficient corrugated solution possible.

Produce Boxes

Produce companies typically require custom die-cut corrugated box solutions that allow for no use of glue or tape. Typical requirements often include wax boxes and boxes that allow for ease of stacking.


Poultry producers often use wax boxes, employing interior liners to keep the product safe and contained. Poultry boxes typically employ a separate lid, rather than a one piece box.


Meat producers employ a range of boxes to meet specific needs. Heavy mediums are often employed to provide for greater strength than standard boxes. SPS also specializes in boxes designed to move through Costco or other specialized retailers with stringent standards.


SPS customers count on us to provide a range of seafood box solutions. Specialized boxes like loin boxes, squid boxes or shrimp boxes are common place orders at SPS, and we can customize graphics on all of them. Wax and standard are both used for seafood and we often see multiple corrugated solutions used in packaging a specific type of seafood.


Custom wax corrugated solutions are typically employed to provide strength, moisture control and to slow down the degradation of the box in refrigeration systems. Again, we can customize the size, shape and printing to provide you with a truly custom wax box.


We have capabilities that range from 1-color to 6-color print, or we can also produce custom litho printing to provide for a maximized custom print. Our in-house team will work with you to translate your vision into a finished design.


Custom die-cut boxes are typically employed when you want to minimize the number of corrugated being used, remove the need for tapes or glues and provide a corrugated solution that fits the product exactly. Often times, custom die-cut boxes will save you money because you are decreasing the raw materials used and the labor involved with producing the box.

Litho Labels

For very high-end custom corrugated boxes when the need to stand out and have strong brand presence is desired, custom litho printing can provide a look and feel unmatched by traditional industrial or registered printing.


For large volume corrugated users, we can consult with you to determine if bringing machinery in-house to perform basic functions like filling, folding or taping can help you lower costs, improve efficiencies and increase production output.

Tray Pack

We can customize trays for a wide variety of products. Custom corrugated tray packs are typically used for bulk products that will end up on a retail shelf like water bottles, jars or cans. Corrugated trays provide a lower cost alternative to a complete box solution.