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Custom Flexible Food Packaging

Custom Food Packaging

A package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled and closed, can be readily changed in shape. A term normally applied to bags, pouches or wraps made of materials ranging in thickness such as paper, plastic film, foil or combinations of these.

Stand-up Pouches

A flexible pouch design where the bottom portion has been gusseted in such a way that it provides a wide enough base to provide support so the pouch is able to be stood up for display or use.

Roll Stock

Any flexible packaging material that is in a roll form.


Oriented Polypropylene film. A stiff, high clarity film, but not heat sealable. Usually combined with other films, for heat sealability. Can be coated with PVDC or metalized for much improved barrier properties.


One of the best barrier films in the industry. This film is ideal for products that require the minimum amount of OTR.


Applying a thin coating of metal to a nonmetallic surface by chemical deposition or by exposing the surface to vaporized metal in a vacuum chamber. Another good option for products that require a low OTR


Low-density polyethylene flexible packaging ranges from 1 mil to 6 mil in thickness. Applies most to packaging loose parts and loose food applications. Offered in a range of custom sizes.


We offer a wide range of custom flexible packaging sizes that conform to military specification, including MIL PRF 81705, MIL PR 2219, MIL PRF 121, MIL PRF 131, JAN PRF 121 that can be custom printed with logos, codes, etc.


A bag usually constructed by sealing one or two flat sheets along the edges. Used for many different applications, the pouch provides good clarity and protection.


A flexible plastic pouch with a molded in place sealing device inserted into the walls of the pouch. A zipper seal can be repeatedly opened and closed.

Retort (Steamable)

The thermal processing of cooking packaged food or other products in a pressurized vessel for the purposes of sterilizing the contents to maintain freshness for extended storage times.


A packaging machine that forms, fills, closes, and seals a package in one continuous operation. Flexible packaging stock fed from a roll is folded to the desired package shape and stabilized by heat sealing.

Lid Stock

Material or stock used to form a lid. Material that can be heat sealed over the open ends of product.

High Barrier

Material or package that has very low gas permeability characteristics. It offers a great deal of resistance to the passage of a gas through its volume.