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Custom Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

When your product is shipped, it begins an uncertain journey. It may encounter several transfer points, careless handling, temperature extremes or a number of other volatile conditions.

At SPS, we are committed to assuring safe passage of your product to whatever its destination, across town or across the globe by creating innovative, cost-efficient protective packaging! SPS is a supplier of custom foam, custom dividers and other packaging options. We are always ready to do whatever is necessary to meet your business' packaging needs. Effective packaging is as varied as the contents it protects. SPS designs and produces an endless variety of options for products of every size, shape and quantity.

Insulated Packaging

Our custom insulated protective packaging adds thermal insulation qualities to your more sensitive shipped products, such as styrofoam boxes for dry ice packaging.

Die Cut Foam

For products requiring maximum protecion from the transportation process, we can produce custom foam inserts that will hold each component, keeping it safe. This is especially important when shipping products of high value or glass and fragile products. Don't take chances, call us today to ensure your product arrives exactly how it shipped.


Dividers are a simple custom protector used to separate and to protect the various components within a box from each other. These are ideal shipping easily bruised fruits like high end Asian pears, as well as fragile items such as light bulbs, glass products, jars, etc. Don't take chances with your fragile product!

Molded Pulp

Made out of paper fiber pulp, molded pulp is often used in egg cartons and plants. The pulp has the ability to retain water making it a smart and easy choice for preserving plants. And it is a low-cost option that will save your business money!


V-board simply put are corner protectors to protect from edges of your shipped product getting crushed and to provide rigidity to an entire pallet, essentially turning it into a cube. It is a necessary tool to help ensure your product is not refused when shipped.