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Custom Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink Films and Sleeves

Custom shrink bundling film is an excellent way to combine production efficiency with product protection. Designed to protect and contain your product, it allows consumers to see what's inside the package. And for those unique shapes and sizes, SPS offers custom films that will suit your every need!

Shrink Bands/Sleeves

These custom shrink bands or sleeves provide a means for tamper evident closures. The application process is far simpler and apply a single piece with no seams that is far stronger. The added benefit is a far better aesthetic than an average paper label.

Bundling Film

Our custom shrink bundling film comes in rolls available for custom printing, specific size requirements, any needed holes, etc.These are typically used with water bottle and beverage cases. It provides a protective measure and keep the product and all of its parts intact throughout the shipping process.


SPS offers custom industrial shrink films for those unique larger scale protective applications such as pallets caps, boats, furniture. We have a fit for all your protection needs!