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Stock Flexible Bags and Products

We stock a variety of bags and pouches, in materials ranging from foil to HDPE & LDPE to BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) to PET & nylon. We offer a variety of options in style and size for each stock item of flexible packaging, from the smallest 2x2 bag to pallet covers. We'll help you choose the best fit from our stock options to best sustain shelf life and increase visibility of your product.

Foil Bags

The best barrier product available in convenient stock sizes. Promises the lowest oxygen transfer rate to avoid degradation of your product.


We stock a wide range of flexible packaging sizes that conform to military specification, including but not limited to MIL PRF 121, MIL PRF 131, MIL PRF 81705, MIL PR 22191 and JAN PRF 121.


Anti-static packaging protects your product from static and electricity during shipping; ideal and frequently used for high end electronic and medical equipment. Meets military standard requirement.


Low-density polyethylene packaging ranging from 1 mil thick to 6 mil thick. Applied most for packaging loose parts to loose food applications. Offered in a wide variety of sizes.


Jerky pouches are available in foil, polynylon or a combination of both. Sizes range from 5x7-24x36 and everything in between.