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Stock Container Lids, Caps and Closures

We offer a wide selection of lids, caps and closures in a variety of styles and materials to fit your every application and container. In stock now for immediate delivery!


Shaker lids are perfect for application in cosmetics and food industries, allowing for dispensing through perforations in the top of the closure, such as baby powder or spices & seasonings.


The pour-out finish has uniform undercut lip; it is designed to facilitate easy pouring with no dripping.


We offer a stock selection of aluminum lids in a range of sizes, shapes and weights for the perfect closure for almost any container.

Tamper Evident

Our stock line of tamper evident lids and closures offers you peace of mind when bringing your product to market. In industries where product safety is paramount, food & beverage or pharmaceuticals for instance, the right closure for your product can impact sales, shipping costs and your business' reputation.

Lid Liners

Choosing a liner style or type for your cap can be quite involved. Factors such as moisture barrier, chemical resistance or leakage prevention must be considered in many consumer products, chemicals and foods. Cap liner materials may also affect the cost of your product. We offer a range of styles and materials to suit almost any need!