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Stock PET Bottles and PET Containers

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a type of polyester molded into bottles & containers available for packaging a wide range of products, most commonly used for wine & spirits, sauces & dressings, olive oil, cueritos & botanas, cosmetics, spices, pharmaceuticals and food applications. The material is strong and lightweight, cost effective and shatterproof. PET has been recognized by health authorities to be safe for food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications. They are available in narrow neck and wide mouth options in a range of shapes, sizes and neck finishes.

Narrow Neck Bottles

Narrow Neck PET bottles are generally used for liquids. We carry PET wine bottles (from 187ml to 5L), bottles for alcoholic spirits, PET sauce bottles, as well as dressing and olive oil bottles.

Wide Mouth Containers

SPS carries a variety of wide mouth PET containers for distribution. The wide mouth variety of PET containers is most commonly used for spices, cueritos y botanas and cosmetic applications.