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Stock Protective Packaging Products

Protective Packaging

Getting your item to its intended destination is only part of delivery. Assuring that it arrives in the exact condition it went out is equally important.

Our line of protective packaging offers high-impact absorption capacities, damage protection for your fragile products and stabilization in transit.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a plastic material, pliable and transparent used most often for packing breakable items. Protruding air-filled bubbles on the wrap cushion the fragile items from bumps and bangs along the way.

Dunnage/Void Fillers

Load shifting is the main cause of damage to products in transit. This costs your business time and money to fix. Dunnage is an excellent way to prevent forward and backward motion of your shipment.

Foam Wrap

Foam secures items in place and provides ideal protection for glassware, breakables and various other valuables. Foam wrap also adds an extra layer of cushion, thermal insulation as well as allowing for stacking of products.

Kraft Rolls

100% recycled premium kraft paper ensures your package's safe arrival. Ideal for wrapping or stuffing packages, our paper will secure your items during shipment. Versatile kraft paper can be a low-cost packing material, void fill for shipping or as a wrapping to cover boxes, books, etc.

Pallet Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are pallet-sized thin sheets made of plastic, kraft paperboard or corrugated fiberboard used for commercial shipping. They often replace traditional wooden pallets.


Honeycomb consists of kraft paper formed into uniform hexagonal cells. It has a wide range of applications, as both inner and outer packaging. In addition to blocking and filling, it can be used as a shock absorber, product separator or for pallets. Honeycomb is used often as an alternative to wood, foam or plastics.


Don't use dirty newspaper to wrap your packages. Clean, unprinted newsprint is ideal to use for wrapping or for use as void filling. No ink so no mess.