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Stock Stretch Wraps and Film Packaging

Stretch Wrap and Films

With a wide range of stock stretch wrap in blown and cast films, we are able to service virtually any industry. From produce and spice/beverage bottlers to manufacturing and heavy industry, we have the right options to fit your company's needs. We look for ways to deliver your shipments safely and securely, while reducing loss in the most economical way possible to minimize your cost per shipment.

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Blown Film

Manufactured through blown extrusion, this film has higher tension on pallets and stretches better around awkward loads than cast films. Disadvantages: Because of crystallization during the blowing extrusion process, blown films have poor clarity and are louder when being applied than cast film.

Colored & Opaque Films

These films are run in standard cast or blown extrusion with colored resin to eliminate visibility to the contents of your pallet. This can be a great option for companies that are concerned about pilferage of valuable shipments. Also, colored films deter ultraviolet rays and can outlast typical clear films during extended outdoor storage. This is also a great option for companies that need an easy and effective way to color code different shipments for easy recognition of different products and shipping locations.

Anti-Static Film & Hand Stretch

Used primarily for electronics, chemicals and paints, anti-static films offer a high level of cling and superior puncture resistance while dissipating static that can be harmful to your products.

Pre-Stretch/ Hybrid Stretch

Made with a blend of polymers to create a superior resin, this wrap has increased tension on pallets and is a great replacement for standard films at a lower price point. It is referred to as "Hybrid Stretch" because it has been stretched and re-rolled onto the roll, with 25-30% stretch remaining to maximize tension and performance on your pallets while reducing roll weight and cost to you.


Primarily used in the produce industry, this film has vent holes with strengthening bands to allow airflow to the product while keeping your pallet secure during shipping. If you're shipping any products that need open air ventilation during transport, we have a wide range of ventilated films that can meet your needs.

Cast Film

Manufactured through cast extrusion, this film has excellent clarity, less force to stretch, and quieter application compared to blown hand and machine film. Disadvantages: Cast film has less tension on pallets and tear resistance compared to blown stretch film.