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Stock Carton Sealing Tape


Our extensive selection of carton sealing tapes include: Acrylic, Tamper Evident/Security Tapes, Water Activated Tapes, Custom Printed Tapes, Rubber Tapes, and Strapping Tape.

With a large selection of products, we can give your company the right fit for what your individual needs require. By analyzing your packaging, we will find the right tape that will get your products to your customers without fail.

Security Tape

Security Tapes, also known as Tamper Evident Tapes, are used to reduce pilferage and ensure peace of mind to your customers that their shipment has been received safely and securely. Security tapes not only tell your customers that you care about their shipments, it also is a red flag for any persons that consider tampering with your products to go elsewhere!

Water Activated/Kraft Paper Tape

For a professional look on your cartons Water Activated Tape provides great sealing for high weight shipments. With custom and pre-printed options available, Water Activated Tape seals to the carton after coming into contact with water, and makes a great tamper evident sealing option as well, as it cannot be removed from the carton or resealed.

Hand Tape & Machine Tape

With hand and machine applications ranging in thickness from 1.6mil to 3.6mil in stock, carton sealing acrylic tape is the most economical and widely used type of tape on the market. Call now to get a free packaging evaluation and see which product is best for your business.


Stretch and wrap self-fusing rubber tape insulates and provides a moisture-tight seal without using adhesives. It has a high resistance to steam, oil and water, where other tapes might fail.

Filament/Strapping Tape

Commonly used for closing corrugated boxes, filament tape provides additional support to the container when it is needed. It is often used to help close five panel folder and full telescope boxes that need a very high strength tape for reinforcement and to ensure the container remains closed during shipping.